Auckland’s House Price Growth – the sub-regional breakdown

FUZO Property feel that there is no substitute in a quality property investment portfolio for growth. This is why Auckland is the best market. We have cashflow, equity and growth as the three pillars of property investment. Our nation’s economic, investment and migration hub of Auckland delivered outstanding returns in the 2015 calendar year.

Auckland House Price Growth

Auckland’s median house surged to $933,264¬†at 31 December 2015. All sub-region did well as shown in the infographic map below. However South and West Auckland (Waitakere) were particularly strong. This is great for the over 300 buildings the FUZO Property Group has completed for our clients in South and West Auckland going back to 2003.


Sub-regional House Price Growth

Look at the excellent growth in Auckland’s sub-regions below, in this CoreLogic infographic released today:

Auckland property investment is looking great with strong house price growth in 2015.
Auckland house prices surged in 2015.

Basically all sub-regions of Auckland performed extremely well. Only Rodney (which includes Kumeu, Riverhead, Helensville, Orewa and the Whangaparoa Peninsula) and the Gulf Islands (principally Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island) had under 20% capital gain for the median priced dwelling in the 2015 calendar year.

Even then they were only just below this threshold.

What about 2016?

Crystal ball gazing is a bit of fun but it isn’t science. The key migration driver in house prices will be critical to look at, as will supply from new consents issued. Government intervention (including by their Reserve Bank arm) will also continue to restrict demand to keep a lid on house price inflation.

We are predicting good growth in 2016. Just don’t expect it to be a record year, or to beat growth in 2014 and 2015.

Blog by Steve McMenemy, FUZO Property’s Head of Acquisitions