Are your rentals insulated?

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New insulation funding criteria launches this month, providing 50% funding for insulating your rental in Auckland or Counties Manukau.

To be eligible for funding, you need to be a private landlord of a house constructed prior to 2000, and your tenant must have a community services card. Check this site for more details.  You can get a free no-obligation quote for GreenStuf insulation in either the ceiling or underfloor, or both if it’s needed. There are well-established benefits to insulating your rental properties – not only are they more attractive to tenants, but they’ll have fewer visits to the doctor and create a warmer, cosier living environment.

Even if you can’t get the funding, you really should get your rental property up to a high standard before insulation becomes compulsory in mid-2019 under new legislation. You may find the price of insulation goes up as landlords scramble to make this deadline and there may be a shortage of available installers, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

And don’t forget that all your rentals will need to have smoke alarms installed by next year. If you’ve experienced problems with tenants removing the batteries from smoke alarms, the NZ Fire Service recommends permanently wired mains power smoke detectors with long-life back-up batteries.

There’s also a new service you might not know about: the Auckland Council is offering a free two-hour consultation with a specialist ‘eco design adviser’ to help you with your new build. Find out more here.