Auckland tradie quotes vary massively

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An Auckland homeowner undertaking a renovation got some surprising variation in quotes from tradies – plumbing quoted at between $9,413 and $19,307; electrical work at between $14,850 and $24,445; a roof at between $15,525 and $29,250. That’s a pretty staggering total: the cheapest quotes on those three jobs are a whopping $33,000 higher.

Possibly the answer lies, as the article suggests, in the volume of work available to tradies in Auckland. If a tradie is extremely busy, it’s worth putting in a high quote when you don’t really want the job, though one industry expert doesn’t believe that’s the case.

Unfortunately, if you are a homeowner doing a one-off renovation, you don’t have the bargaining power or long-term appeal of a developer. This is one of the reasons FUZO gets sharp pricing on all our builds – because we do so many jobs, we build up great relationships with tradies and they know we’ll send a lot of work their way if they do a top-quality job.

What can the average homeowner do?

  • Take your time to source reliable tradies – the best guys are busy.
  • Try to get a solid working relationship with your tradies, by being reasonable, friendly and patient whenever possible.
  • Pay them on time, every time. They won’t forget and they’re much more likely to make an extra effort for you.