Compulsory ‘P’ testing between tenancies?

There’s been a bit of debate recently about whether ‘P’ testing between tenancies may be needed in order to meet the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act. Remember, as a landlord it is your responsibility to provide a clean property, free from ‘P’ contamination.

‘P’ is a methamphetamine and is also known as speed, pure, burn, goey, crank, meth, crystal, ice and yaba.

If you do see any sign of ‘P’ contamination during a tenancy, you should have it tested. If your property is contaminated, it is possible you could be held responsible if it causes problems for the health of the tenants.

If you suspect a property is being used for ‘P’ use, manufacture, or sale contact the Police and your Local Council.

For more guidelines on methamphetamine in rental properties, Tenancy Services has a helpful page here.

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