The rise of the small house

FUZO Property 3 bedroom granny flat, small houses NZ, granny flats, property investment, property developmentFor many years now, savvy investors have been realising the beauty of the small but well-designed home.

New Zealanders are increasingly enthusiastic about bijou townhouses and two-bedroom units – Baby Boomers may be horrified by the idea, but younger generations love the advantages of a more compact living space, especially those who have moved to New Zealand from more crowded countries.

New Zealand is being pulled in two directions: wealthy homeowners continue to build ever grander designs while the ‘tiny house movement’ simultaneously gains ground. But the smaller homes make more sense for both investors and the average homebuyer. They are more efficient, easier to clean and cost-effective to run.

Small houses also fit with the movement toward smaller households; in 1886 the average number of people in a Kiwi household was 5.2 and by 2013 it had dropped to 2.7. More single people living alone, more one-parent families and fewer children on average – no wonder investors are snapping up one- and two-bedroom properties.

FUZO Property’s granny flats are usually 60m2 or 65m2 and they are enormously popular with tenants. We go to a great deal of trouble to make sure our granny flats are beautifully designed to provide a sense of space, plenty of light and a lovely liveable environment. If you don’t believe us, give us a call and we can show you how fantastic a small house can be.