Unitary Plan update: will all hell break loose?

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Auckland’s Unitary Plan is heading for a showdown on August 19. We can’t wait to see what happens when the Unitary Plan reaches the Auckland councillors – will they approve the final plan recommended by the Independent Hearings Panel? Will they reject part of the Unitary Plan, or reject the whole thing? As Interest.co.nz points out, “this sounds like the most boring thing on the planet but this … will set up Auckland to handle (or not) it’s growth for at least the next 20 years.” The author adds that, “all hell will break loose” between the time the tweaked Unitary Plan is released on July 29 and that August 19 deadline.

We already know the debate will be fierce and there will be an enormous number of unhappy people no matter which way the councillors move. The Unitary Plan already hit a huge snag when its intensification plans for the eastern suburbs were withdrawn in February after furious debate.

One of the issues we’re most interested in is that of minor dwellings – will they be able to continue in their current standalone design? Or will minor dwellings become converted dwellings with party walls? Watch this space.