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Our stress-free approach to building successful and sustainable property portfolios

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Whether you’re an experienced property investor or just starting to grow your portfolio, Auckland and Hamilton are fantastic places to buy and build.

But great property investment opportunities aren’t simply handed out on a plate. Savvy investors need to think strategically, find ways to grow equity and design deals that generate a superior yield.

Securing a solid yield in Auckland and Hamilton usually takes time, experience and a network of contacts. Our clients are busy building their own businesses or working hard at their jobs; they don’t want the stress of spending their spare time trying to be a one-person property finder, council liaison and developer.

That’s why FUZO Property works. We find property that stacks up, creating the deals that provide some of the best yields available in Auckland and Hamilton. Each member of our team is a specialist, from our dedicated acquisitions manager to our dedicated Council liaison manager.

When you have this level of expertise working on your behalf, you can concentrate on your day job while we make your property investment as straightforward and successful as possible..

How can I build a successful and sustainable property portfolio?

Property investment can feel overwhelming, particularly if you are just starting out.  Our team of experts follow the following approach to help you achieve your property goals.


Fuzo Property - Property Investment NZ | Property Investment | Property Investment Advice | Property development | Granny Flats NZ | Sleepouts NZ | Small houses NZ | Small homes NZ | Granny Flats | Sleepout | Sleepout NZ | SleepoutsStep 1:  Planning & strategy: We sit down and talk to you about what you want to achieve with your property investments, what your plans are for your investing and what type of property could fit your requirements.

Step 2: Approval & financing: You consider your options and the numbers we can achieve and decide what plan will work for you. We can refer you to brokers who specialise in investing and development, so you are pre-approved and ready to buy.

Step 3: Finding a property:  Our specialist acquisition manager uses his networks of agents and private sellers to search out a property that will stack up for you to purchase.

Step 4: Consents & plans: Building and site plans are finalised and our team of professionals liaise with the Councils to secure the required consents.

Step 5: Construction commences: The first soil is broken and your project is underway. We also facilitate all required infrastructure installation.

Step 6: Keys & champagne: We hand you the keys to your new home – which can be either sold, rented or moved into immediately. Most of our clients find they have created enough equity and cash flow in their properties to start the process again and continue growing their portfolios.

The result


“You took the worry out of whether it was a good or bad decision.”
– Marcel Riethmann (Auckland)

All three of the investment properties Marcel Riethmann bought in Auckland were found and developed on by FUZO Property.  Marcel explains how our turnkey operation was well organised and clear every step of the way.  All of his three investment properties are positively geared and he was very happy with the entire experience.  Hear Marcel’s property investment journey and success story below.

Our image gallery below gives you a good overview of what can be done.

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